Custom Ceremonies
for all Occasions
Ceremony and ritual allow us to absorb things on many different levels at once. They set aside the concrete and linear and move us into symbolism, mythology, poetry, prose and music. They invite us to experience and embrace the fullness of life.
  1. Weddings
  2. Mother Blessings
  3. House Blessings
  4. Baby Welcomings
  5. Vow Renewals
  6. Funerals and Memorials
  7. Coming of Age
  8. Graduations
  9. Reunions
  10. Milestone Birthdays
  11. Anniversaries
  12. Adoptions
  13. Retirements
Lets Interpret Your Vision and Make it Reality
All events and ceremonies are different, so fees vary accordingly.  Each quote will include or consider interview time, all research and review prior to writing, an original scripted ceremony that you will have the chance to approve entirely, travel expenses, rehearsal if it is requested, officiating/performing on the day of and an archival copy of the ceremony for your keepsake.
For availability and to set up your free consultation, please contact me.
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