Custom Ceremonies
for all Occasions
Ceremony and ritual allow us to absorb things on many different levels at once. They set aside the concrete and linear and move us into symbolism, mythology, poetry, prose and music. They invite us to experience and embrace the fullness of life.
  1. Weddings
  2. Mother Blessings
  3. House Blessings
  4. Baby Welcomings
  5. Vow Renewals
  6. Funerals and Memorials
  7. Coming of Age
  8. Graduations
  9. Reunions
  10. Milestone Birthdays
  11. Anniversaries
  12. Adoptions
  13. Retirements
Ava Chappell is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® who loves connecting with people in all stages and passages of life. Raised Jewish, Ava looked forward to including those traditions in her interfaith wedding ceremony.  She found no rabbis who would perform a mixed ceremony in Colorado and borrowing someone else’s ritual felt inauthentic, leaving her with few options.  The experience set her out to find a way to bring into ceremony each individual’s belief systems and values. Working as a Celebrant sparks an intrinsic desire in her to help others, to listen between the lines, to help articulate and create a vision and make it reality. With a diverse wealth of life-experience, including 25 years in the world of business, Ava brings a high degree of professionalism, timeliness, and integrity to the table.
Celebrant Foundation and Institute, Live the Art of Life:
As professional Life Cycle Celebrants, we are educated and trained and certified to serve our communities.
The Celebrant Foundation & Institute is dedicated to educating people about the importance of ceremony and rituals marking the important transitions in life. The Institute offers certificate programs in Ceremonies for Couples, Ceremonies for Funerals, Healing and Transition, Ceremonies for Families and Children and Ceremonies for Organizations. Learn more about this organization.
Code of Ethics and Professionalism for Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants: The mission and quest for the members of the Celebrant Association International is to uphold the highest level of service and professionalism.
We do this while promoting freedom of choice in ceremonies and promoting the values of the Celebrant movement. Please click here to view our code of ethics.
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